How to Keep You and Your Family Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming! But even as you’re getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and all the winter holidays to come, it’s important to make sure your family’s health is your first priority. Nobody wants to spend the holidays in the urgent care center!

Luckily, Immediate Medical Care isn’t just here to help you if you need walk-in urgent care or family medical services. We also have plenty of tips to help you and your family stay healthy even when they’re not coming to see us. Check them out below!

  1. Be strategic about holiday indulgences.

Whether it’s Aunt June’s pumpkin pie that you look forward to all year long or your favorite holiday candy, the amount of good food offered this time of year is simply astounding! However, this doesn’t mean you have to forego everything you love or else gain weight. Instead, be smart about how you choose to indulge. Fill up your plate with the dishes you truly love and leave the rest. And be sure to keep a healthy diet in between those holiday potlucks, office parties, and get-togethers.

       2. Turn holiday errands and chores into opportunities for exercise.

Everyone in your family is so busy this time of year that it’s easy to skip the gym or sports practice. So multitask: when you do holiday errands and chores, it’s a great way to exercise! Carrying boxes of holiday decorations out of storage is a great upper-body workout. Speed-walking through the mall with bags of gifts in hand can get your heart pumping. And turn housecleaning into a dance party by blasting holiday tunes to get everyone in the spirit.

       3. Practice good hand hygiene.

Nothing puts a damper on the holiday spirit faster than a cold or the flu. Make sure everyone from the toddlers to Grandma is washing their hands before every meal, after using the restroom, and whenever they cough or sneeze. You can also mix up your hand hygiene routine by buying some hand sanitizers in fun holiday scents. It’s a great way to turn a necessity into an indulgence.

       4. Take extra steps to prevent injuries.

Stringing up the lights or trying to hang that shining star on the highest bough can be a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful. Whenever you have to put decorations in a high place, use a stepstool. Make sure your children and pets stay well away from lighted candles. And if you’d love to add some grilled delights to your holiday table, make sure you do the grilling outside, not in the house or garage.

       5. Remember, Immediate Medical Care is here for you all season long!

If health problems throw a monkey wrench into your holiday plans, remember that Immediate Medical Care is here to provide minor emergency care, wellness care, and occupational healthcare. Our walk-in urgent care center accepts patients from Nassau Bay, TX; Pasadena, TX; Pearland, TX; Seabrook, TX; Webster, TX; and the surrounding areas. When you need us, come see us. We’ll get you back to the holiday fun before you know it!

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